Hydrodynamics Data Request Page
Coastal Information System (C.I.S.)

    The Coastal Information System CIS is a hydrodynamic atlas for the Arabian Gulf. It contains of wave data, tidal data and Wind data.
    Wave Data
      The wave data was hindcasted using wind data obtained from the European Center for Medium Range Weather ECMWF. The KISR WAM model was used for that purpose. The data covers the years 1993 till 2009 and is available on a 0.1 degree grid for the Arabian Gulf as shown in Fig. 1. The data includes the significant wave height, the mean wave period for the wave spectra and the mean wave direction.
    The data covers:
  • Area limits are

  • Longitude 47 deg 24 min to longitude of 56 deg 48 min
    Latitude 23 deg 48 min to Latitude of 30 deg 30 min
  • The available grid system (dx / dy) is 0.1 degree. Or (6 min)
  • Time limits are
    Years Jan. 1979 Till Dec. 2016
  • Data Store in hourly system
    The data includes the significant wave height, the mean wave period for the wave spectra and the mean wave direction.
    For wave data the following can be provided:
  • Time series of wave height, period, and direction at any location.
  • Wave rose as a plot and table at any location (monthly or yearly).
  • Two dimensional wave data at a certain instant.
  • Long term analysis of the wave data (100 year wave).

Grid used for the Arabian Gulf WAM model.
    Hydrodynamic data
      The tidal hydrodynamic data was generated using a tidal finite element hydrodynamic model for the Arabian Gulf. The model boundary was applied at the Striate of Hormoz. The data includes the tidal current and the water level over a non-uniform grid for the Arabian Gulf and the Kuwaiti territorial waters.
    The hydrodynamic data can be provided for:
  • Time series of tidal water levels or currents at any location.
  • Two dimensional hydrodynamic data at a certain instant.
  • Tidal constituents at any location.

RMA Grid Covering the Arabian Gulf.

RMA Grid for the Northern Part of the Arabian Gulf
The Coastal Information System Database (C.I.S.) has been update with new parameters that cover all Arabian Gulf waters for the following

    MetOcean Parameters
  • Sea water Temperature
  • Air Temperature
  • Evaporation Processes

    Sea Parameters
  • Gravity Wave Dissipation
  • Northward Gravity Wave Surface stress
  • Mean Sea Level Pressure
  • Boundary Layer Heights

    Data Limit Description
  • Area covered from Strait of Hormuz to north Arabian Gulf stored in 2D
  • Grids resolution 0.1 longitude/Latitude
  • Time cover from Jan 1, 1979 To Dec 31, 2016
  • Hourly stored
  • Data can be extracted for 1D/2D
A New Digitial Bathymtery and Topography Elevation (DEM)DataBase for Arabian Gulf Water and Kuwait
    New Satellite images were processed to obtain a new set of satellite-derived bathymetry and land elevation. The data were from local digitized navigational charts and free data available from different sources. Both data were used to create seamless elevation and bathymetry map of Arabian Gulf region and part of the Indian Ocean / Arabian Sea.
    The new data was created after interpolating (preserving original data values), resampling, clipping and other post processing of six original data as shown below.
  • Satellite Derived Bathymetry for shallow water South of Kuwait Bay, 10m grid
  • CM93 chart data (contour lines and points in various resolution)
  • GEBCO bathymetry, 30 sec grid
  • Stereo Surface Model for Kuwait coastal area, 5m grid
  • SRTM surface elevation data, 90m grid
  • Coastline from spring 2016 (based on 10m satellite data)

    A new Inerface was developed to Extract 1D/2D bathyemtry and topography data for Arabian Gulf and Kuwait water [ KGMap interface ] for Grid Size setup:
  • Region 1 grid Size 1215m cover Arabian Gulf water and Gulf of Oman.
  • Region 2 Grid size 405m cover Arabian Gulf Waters
  • Region 3 Grid size 135m cover GCC Contury terrtorial waters
  • Region 4 Grid size 45m Kuwait waters
  • Region 5 Grid size 15m Kuwait waters
  • Region 6 Grid size 5m Kuwait waters

Multiple grids system for Arabian Gulf and Gulf Of Oman.

    Four other grids were setup for the Kuwaiti territorial waters that can be used to provide more detailed data at different locations in Kuwait.
    Data Request Cost
    The cost of the data explained above is as provided in the table below
Cost of Numerical Data Table

Data Cost (K.D.) per Location Description
Hourly time series for wind data and Wind rose at a single location 50/year or 200/five years Includes Wind Ux and Vy at 10m above Sea surface cover all Arabian Gulf from 1993 to 2009.
Extreme wave conditions (50 and 100 years) 100 Based on 17 years of data.
Extreme wind conditions (50 and 100 year) 100 Based on 17 years of data.
Hourly time series for wave data and Wave rose at a single location 50/year or 200/five years Includes wave height, period and direction for 17 years (1993-2009), Cover all Arabian Gulf.
Hourly time series for hydrodynamic data. 50/year Includes velocity magnitude and direction and water level.
Hourly water level data. 50/year Form 1970 till 2037.
Tidal constituents 100 100 Amplitude and phase for 22 constituents.

    Measured Data
    For measured wave hourly time series (wave height, period and direction) the cost is 200K.D. per year.
    The data can be purchased from KUWAIT INSTITUTE FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH.
    To obtain the above data please provide details of your request then submit to the following Emails:
Khaled Al-Salem       Email:- ksalem@kisr.edu.kw
Abdulaziz Al-Rashed     Email:-dune1959@hotmail.com