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The Stations of the Kuwait National Meteorological Network

      Each of the Met-One meteorological stations of KNMN is based on a 10m tower and has the following components:-
    1. five wind speed cup-type sensors at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10m heights to derive the wind speed profile [Met-One / Model: 014A / Uncertainty: ±1.5%].
    2. one wind direction vane-type sensor at 10m height [Met-One / Model: 024A / Uncertainty: ±5o].
    3. one solar radiation sensor (pyranometer) [LI-COR / Model: 096-1 / Uncertainty: ±5%].
    4. combined relative humidity and temperature sensors (capacitive/resistive type sensor) with solar shield [Met-One / Model: 083D / Uncertainty: ±2%RH, ±0.1oC].
    5. atmospheric pressure sensor [Met-One / Model: 090D / Uncertainty: ±1.35mBar / ±1.25% FS].
    6. rainfall tipping-bucket type sensor [Met-One / Model: 372C / Uncertainty: ±1%.
    7. evaporation gauge with auto-refill feature and [NovaLynx / Model: 255-100 / Uncertainty: 0.25%].
    8. Nokia-22 GSM modem.
      Each station has an underground water tank with an internal pump to keep the water level in the evaporation pan constant at 200mm. The refilling process is controlled by software and it takes place daily at midnight. A 35W solar panel is used to charge a 12V standard lead-acid battery buried underground. The battery supplies the wate pump as well as the sensors and the data logger with electricity.

The locations of KNMN meteorological stations

A typical meteorological station (KISR)

    Contact Information: Dr. Ashraf Ramadan
    Telephone: 24989134