Coastal and Air Pollution Department
Environment and Urban Development Division

Kuwait National Meteorological Network


      In 1996, the Coastal and Air Pollution Department decided to install 8 meteorological Met-One stations at the following locations:
    Um Omara
    Ras As-Subiyah
    Um Al-Haiman
    Ras Az-Zoor
          In November 2007 and after nearly 10 years in service, the department installed the ninth meteorological station (Campbell Scientific) at Al-Huwaimliyah. As the frequency and the quality of the maintenance and calibration activities of the sensors at the meteorological stations increased, the accuracy of the measured data increased boosting our confidence in using it in research projects. Our meteorological data has been used by researchers in the Coastal and Air Pollution Department, the Environmental Sciences Department, the Hydrology Department, the Environment and Urban Development Division, as well as officials in Kuwait Ports Authority, Kuwait University, Schlumberger Carbonate Research Centre in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Det Norske Veritas Limited-DNV Houston-USA.
     In April 2008, Kuwait National Meteorological Network (KNMN) was formed. The duties of this entity are:
    Monitor the meteorological conditions in the State of Kuwait.
    Generate a reliable database for the meteorological conditions in Kuwait.
    Provide meteorological data for research projects and studies for interested parties.
    Assess research on the effect of meteorological conditions on various natural phenomena.
    Exchange meteorological data with international meteorological networks.
    Keep the hardware/software parts of the stations in good working order and.
    Train national manpower in the field of meteorology.

The locations of KNMN meteorological stations

    Contact Information: Dr. Ashraf Ramadan
    Telephone: 24989134